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Days until Christmas


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Welcome to Santa's Workshop

You can create your own personalized letter from Santa.

You can print it on your own paper.

Add a North Pole postmark and you have an authentic looking letter from Santa himself sent from the North Pole.

Four ( 4 ) letters with graphics to chose from. Great for children and adults of all ages.

Get your FREE Letter from Santa today.

Make your child's Christmas magical this year with a free personalized letter from Santa Claus.

Puts a smile on every child's face and it's FREE.

Ten Top Wish List Items
toys ( 1409 )
bike ( 1024 )
Baby Doll ( 546 )
doll ( 500 )
Nintendo Ds ( 492 )
Wii ( 461 )
DSI ( 386 )
barbie ( 377 )
Scooter ( 340 )
Legos ( 330 )

Free Printable Christmas Songs

Get your family together and be joyful while singing Christmas Songs.

Get your Free Printable Christmas Songs to enjoy.

Christmas Stories

Santa hopes you enjoy the stories he has selected.

Stories of hope, courage, faith and charity give us reason to pause and reflect on how blessed we are as a people and in our lives.

Christmas Traditions
The History of American Christmas Traditions
Discover Where Our Christmas Traditions Originated

Christmas is a time for celebration all across the United States.

Families and friends gather together for a day of festive merry-making.

But, do you know where the holiday we traditionally celebrate on December 25th originated?

Click here to learn more about our traditions.

Thank You

Santa would like to thank all who visit Santa's Workshop and print out letters for their children and friends.

Putting smiles on the face of the child in all of us is what this site is all about.

Santa Facts
Red Suspenders Santa only wears red suspenders ...

Site News

Santa is coming to town, so you better be good.

Santa's Top 3
Under $20

1. Children's Books
2. Children Song CDs
3. Magazines
Gift Ideas

Santa says.. Your children are your best investment