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Days until Christmas


Santa's Certified
Naughty or Nice Certificate

Why not reward your loved one or friend with a
Santa's Certified Naughty or Nice Certificate customized with your their name and mailed from Santa's official post office for their good behavior this year.

You will be totally convinced that this Certified Naughty or Nice Certificate is real!

  • Includes your recepient's name
  • Available in English or Spanish:
  • Printed Cetificate delivered by USPS, no orders after December 10th
  • Delivery by email as pdf
Nice List - English
Nice List - Spanish
Naughty List - English
Naughty List - Spanish

Reward child's efforts!

The Santas certified certificate will affirm that Santa Claus is always watching.

Recognize those efforts with this very authentic and most prestigious honor.


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