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Days until Christmas


FAQ - Santa Facts

  • Fact = Santa is real, we all have a little bit of Santa Claus in us.
  • Fact = Does Santa like milk left out for him, yeah he does, it keeps things real for children.
  • Fact = Does Santa read the wish list ? Sure does, how else would Santa know what a child really wants for Christmas.
  • Fact = Does Santa really have a white beard ? Yes he does, its important for a child to have a vision of what Santa looks like.
  • Fact = Does Santa really come down a chimney? Yes, even if a child does not have one, Santa makes one only to deliver presents, and then it disapears.
  • Fact = It is important for a child to believe in Santa Claus,
    • Yes, He is a representation of what is good in everyone,
    • A symbol of the joy of sharing with others,
    • The celebration of the birth Jesus Christ,
    • The joy and anticipation of giving is something your child(ern) will treasure always.

  • Fact = Of course this is my facts of Christmas and Santa Claus and they may not be yours.

Santa Facts
Santa's sleigh moves at 650 miles per second (3,000 times the speed of sound).
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