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Days until Christmas


About Santa's Workshop WebSite

Santas-Workshop.ws was created in 2004 with the idea is to put smiles on childrens faces which in turn put smiles on their parents faces.

Works pretty good... doesn't it!

Santa's Workshop does incur cost to be online (webservers, domain registration and IT folks to keep things hummin...), however it is the policy of Santa and Mrs. Claus not to splash non-relevent or excessive advertising.. on the pages of Santa's Workshop as many other children sites have done.

All money earned by Santa's Workshop is re-invested back into Santas-Workshop.ws to make your visit more enjoyable, if you can please support our sponsors.

Further more, all of the Elves have graciously agreed to donate their time as well, for the kids. (Santas-Workshop has no paid staff)

Our only personal compensation comes from the many mothers who write us to tell us how much their kids enjoyed the letters..

Sometimes we even get emails or an ocassional letter from the kids, thanking Santa for remembering... It just doesn't get better then that...

We always strive to do our best to keep Santa's Workshop a safe haven for children, where they can have a good fun experience without their parents worrying about what they are viewing...

Parents anytime you have a concern, any concern about something on Santa's Workshop don't hesitate to contact us and voice that concern!

Personal Side note: As the Head Elf, I am proud to tell my friends and associates about Santa's Workshop.

I never hesitate to send my grandchildren or any other child to Santa's Workshop when they want something to do...

I know there are no outbound links going anywhere I wouldn't want my children going!

Please if you can / want to help get out the word, please place our link on your sites so more children can experience the joy and smiles you have experienced.

Head Elf

P.S. We have become aware of spammer(s) who are claiming to be sending you email on our behalf... IT IS NOT coming from Santa's Workshop.. Please review our privacy policy for more information.

Santa Facts
Because of the Earth's rotation, Santa has 31 hours to deliver presents, assuming he travels from east to west.
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